Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Searching the future with Google+

It was a really big day for Google Plus. It is now available for everybody, so you not longer need an invite. But there is more:

  • Hangouts with screensharing, docs sharing are updated, on Air feature coming
  • Huddles is now a Messenger with Photosharing
  • Hangouts got an API, as the readonly API for G+ was already released shortly
  • Hangouts on Mobile and more features on Android and later on iphone also and
  • Search is available for Google+
Search works in a lot of different ways and is very intuitive. You just have one search input field and it works for everything.

You can search for a name and you get the people, posts and even sparks with the name, if there are any. This makes it so much easier to get older information from the Google Plus stream. But there is also a new features which was already available with Google Sparks. You can save the search and like with sparks the new search is in the left sidebar (they only dropped the Sparks headline, cause now it searches for everything including people, sparks and G+ posts.

Watching out for iphone5, new android versions, earthquakes or just people, who are not yet on Google Plus. This is now possible and so easy, that you can just setup a future search and forget about it - or maybe better not, cause I have not yet seen any notifications, if new search results are showing up for your save searches. And you can share a search, cause the search URLs are shareable a look like this: - nice and clean.